Step 1. Choose a program or contact with our student advisor


  • Decide which program you want to choose

  • Communicate with our student advisors

Step 2. Send the completed application package

  • Complete the application form

  • Submit the completed application form to our email or fax:

 +1 416-929-2965 Toronto / +1 604-605-270 Vancouver

  • Register through one of our agencies in your home country or in Canada

Step 3. Pay your tuition fees


1. Payments by Cheque and Bank Draft must be made payable to Toronto:     "ST.GEORGE INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE"

                                                                                                           to Vancouver:  "SGIC LANGUAGE SCHOOL INC."


2. E-mail transfer is only accepted in Canada. Send payments and password to  

3. Payments via Wire transfer must be credited to the account of:


Recommended payment method


Step 4. apply for visa or prepare for coming to SGIC

Upon receipt of payment, St. George International College will send you an invoice and a letter of acceptance, which you will need to apply for the corresponding visa at the Canadian embassy in your country of residence.


All international students must possess valid Student Authorization or a Visitor Visa. If it is expired, or if a student does not have one, then he/she is not allowed to attend the school. An application for extension of the Student Authorization or Visitor Visa should be filed with immigration Canada six weeks before the expire date. If a student has extended his/her Student Authorization, he/she must inform the General Office and submit a copy of the extended authorization.

  1. You do not need a study permit if you are planning to study in a short-term program in Canada for six months or less. However, we encourage you to apply for a study permit before you come to Canada if you are planning to continue with your studies in another program after the short term program.

  2. This will allow you to apply for your new program from within Canada. Otherwise, you will have to apply for a Canadian Visa Office and leave Canada.

  3. The closest visa office to Toronto in in Buffalo, USA. It takes about 2hr 30min by car.


All St. George International College students are required to have medical insurance coverage on their first day. If you do not have medical insurance from home or St. George International College, you can purchase it from us.
Do you want to buy medical insurance from St. George International College? Yes No

International Student Medical Insurance Plan Eligibility Requirements:

  1. You must be a student of foreign nationality.

  2. You must be enrolled full-time in a recognized institution of learning.

  3. You must not be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant.