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SGIC offers interesting programs that are designed for students with the greatest possible opportunity to achieve their goals.


SGIC offers 8 levels of English. Each level is 8 weeks (Except level 8 is 12 weeks)


Starting Dates - Every Monday (See school calendar)


Lesson Length - 37.5 minutes



PPP program focuses students on skills strategies of English professionally and academically.

UCPP is designed for international students who have already reached an advanced level or have completed 8 weeks of SGIC's Advanced ESL or who have outdated TOEFL/TOEIC/IELTS scores.

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SSP is designed to dramatically improve students' natural speaking style. Fluency is the goal for students who take this course. This will be accomplished by using quick-response activities to build up students' speed (fluency) and extensive one-on-one teacher-student feedback to build accuracy.



SGIC IETLS Preparation Program is designed for students to learn and master the techniques of each part of the exam: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Understanding the challenging questions and vocabulary is half the battle of succeeding in IELTS. SGIC's program also concentrates on the vocabulary and comprehension needed to increase test results from students.



This is designed for students to build confidence in teaching and managing beginner & intermediate classes in all English skills. They will learn how to deal with classroom difficulties.



Business communication plays an important part of this course. Each student will compile a body of written work in a portfolio.


Each student is also assigned to research a country of his/her choice in a comprehensive project on business in a global setting, with emphasis on business and communication without borders. The students will also give oral presentations based on their written reports.



Understanding a child's perspective and how to engage different learners when teaching English.

Learning lots of games, songs, and craft ideas effective in the classroom.


Students will learn a lot of useful idioms, so they can enjoy watching American TV programs without a hassle. Also, because the students learn vocabulary used in different topics of world issues, they can read newspaper articles and watch the news with more confidence.


The emphasis is equally given to all four aspects speakings, listening, writing and learning. The course also prepares students who want to take the exam for the certification in Translation/Interpretation, approved by the Canadian government or American ILTI.

Lesson Length - 37.5 Minutes

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