Reopening Guideline Post COVID 19

The following guidelines have been developed to clarify the codes of conduct and the increased health and safety measures which SGIC will follow and practice to ensure a safe workplace and study environment. Should the guidelines in this document need to change to be in compliance with provincial health directives, the directives of the Public Health Agency of Canada and provincial workplace health and safety requirements amendments will be added. Changes in policy may increase or decrease as the COVID-19 pandemic situation evolves over time.


This document will be reviewed by management on a monthly basis in order to keep up-to-date with health directives from municipal, provincial, and federal agencies during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Monitoring for COVID-19


  1. Staff will be trained on observable symptoms of COVID-19, as per Public Health Agency of Canada

  2. SGIC’s staff will conduct daily monitoring of students for visible cold, flu, fever or existing COVID-19 related symptoms. Temperature checks will be done upon arrival at the point of entry. Any student/staff showing a temperature of 38͒ c or higher will be sent home

  3. If any symptoms are present, students or staff will be asked to return home immediately.

  4. Any staff or students who have been sent home for these reasons shall not be allowed back into the school until a medical practitioner has confirmed they are clear of these symptoms and/or the person in question has been subject to self-isolation or quarantine for a period recommended by the public health authority (e.g. 14 days) or have tested negative for COVID-19 and can produce evidence of such.

  5. A daily attendance will be taken of staff, students and visitors which can be provided, if necessary, to clinical authorities for the purpose of contact tracing.


Physical Distancing


SGIC will take the following measures to ensure adherence to physical distancing is possible and promoted as per the Public Health Agency of Canada and provincial/territorial health authorities, both in the classroom and during circulation on the premises.

  1. Occupancy in classrooms and communal spaces will be managed to allow the recommended minimum distance between students and staff (2 metres).

  2. Classrooms will be arranged in such a way that students do not directly face one another.

  3. Occupancy limit signage will be displayed at the entrance of each classroom and common space.

  4. Timetables will be staggered to reduce student contact between classes and during breaks, when necessary.

  5. Management will establish staffing schedules that reduce the in-person presence of staff on school premises, when necessary. (E.g. allowing some staff to work from home where possible; staggering attendance to reduce the number of employees on site in a given day.)  For example Diploma classes may start at 9:00 a.m. while ESL classes may start at 9:30 a.m.

  6. Where there are possibilities of ques (e.g. at the reception desk), markings on the floor at reception and counselors desks will guide students to observe appropriate physical distancing.

  7. In high-traffic, thoroughfare areas, arrows will be placed on the floor to guide students to observe appropriate physical distancing.

  8. SGIC will install plexiglass partitions in high traffic areas where physical distancing is not possible (e.g. at the reception desk, counselors desks.)


Class Instruction

  1. Pedagogical models will be adopted, if/when necessary, that manage higher risk activities such as group and pair work, providing guidance and alternative modes for communication and interaction to facilitate these activities.

  2. The use of technology for group and pair work is strongly encouraged in order to decrease face-to-face conversations where physical distancing is a challenge.

  3. Teachers will either schedule in-person individual feedback times with students, or provide written or recorded feedback that is emailed to the individual student in order to reduce physical contact and possible droplet transmutation during more in depth feedback occasions.

  4. Students and staff are required to wear a mask or face covering during class time. Upon entering the classroom, students must wear a face covering. Should the student/staff refuse or is unable to provide a suitable face covering, the student/staff member will be told to exit the school and can return when s/he is wearing a face covering.

  5. The exception to wearing a face covering is during pronunciation exercises as long as a 2 meter physical distance can be observed between peoples during set exercise or teacher feedback for pronunciation improvements.


Social Distancing (Social Activities)

  1. SGIC will not offer social activities on site but may provide students with opportunities to participate in virtual activities.

  2. Group sizes will not exceed 15 people per activity (with clearly marked 2 meter spacing between participants) when held indoors, or 50 people when held outdoors with clear instructions and precautions to promote the 2 meter physical distance recommended by Public Health.


Sanitization and Cleaning Practices


Strict protocols on cleaning and disinfecting premises and other aspects of environmental health will be observed, using hard-surface disinfectants as approved by the Public Health Agency of Canada and following guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and World Health Organization.

  1. Public spaces and communal areas shall be cleaned and disinfected multiple times per day, with emphasis on high touch surfaces such as front desk, door handles, desks, light switches, tables, shared computer equipment.

  2. Washrooms will be cleaned and disinfected daily, with more frequent cleaning of high-touch washroom surfaces (e.g. flush handles, faucets.)

  3. Communally used objects (e.g. coffee-makers, shared utensils/plates, microwaves) will be removed where practicable, or signage will be placed to disallow use.


Staff and Student Hygiene


  1. Hand sanitizer dispensers shall be available in all communal spaces and classrooms. A minimum of 60% ethyl alcohol or a public health or governmental approved product is required.

  2. Hand sanitizer and hand soap dispensers will be checked regularly to ensure they are not empty.

  3. Adequate hand-washing facilities, including soap and hot-air or paper towel dryers, will be provided.

  4. Signage on proper hand-washing technique will be displayed in all restrooms and sinks, such as that provided by the Public Health Agency of Canada.

  5. Adequate respiratory hygiene products, (e.g. paper tissues) and closed bins for hygienic disposal will be provided in all classrooms and common spaces.

  6. Signage on cough/sneeze etiquette shall be displayed in all classrooms and common spaces.

  7. Any employee cleaning any common areas/high-touch surfaces must wash their hands with soap and hot water, per recommended hand washing instructions after completing the cleaning task and prior to performing any other duties.

  8. Student/staff orientation shall include training on required hand washing, cough/sneeze technique. Staff and students will be advised to wash hands or use hand sanitizer: upon arrival; before eating or drinking; before preparing food; after touching shared items; after using the washroom; after handling garbage; and before leaving the school.



Encouraging Mental and Social Health


Staff and students may also be affected by the anxiety and uncertainty created by the COVID-19 outbreak, SGIC will:

  1. Provide information to students and staff on available resources specific to supporting mental health in a time of a pandemic, such as those provided by the Public Health Agency of Canada, the Wellness Together Canada portal (and other resources available from provincial health authorities.

  2. Administration and management will maintain regular communication/check-ins with students/staff on mandatory self-isolation.

  3. SGIC will run social and mental health events and activities to reduce anxiety and stress among students/staff on a regular basis. Such events will meet Public Health guidelines for physical distancing and social gatherings.


Outbreak of COVID-19


In the event of an outbreak If a case of COVID-19 is identified on a school premises:

  1. The premises will be temporarily closed to undergo deep cleaning and disinfection.

  2. Relevant provincial health authorities will be notified, in accordance with appropriate actions recommended by the Public Health Agency of Canada.

  3. All staff, students, and homestay families of students will be notified and advised to take necessary precautions, as recommended by the Public Health Agency of Canada. This will include providing basic personal information (name, attendance, address and contact information) being released to the proper authorities in order to provide proper contact tracing.

Vancouver Reopening

July 10, 2020


St. George International College is pleased to announce that we will be ready to open the Vancouver Campus on August 4, 2020. We are hopeful that the Toronto Campus will be able to follow shortly thereafter, either at the end of August or at the beginning of September. Current students will be notified directly about any changes to their schedule, and new students are welcome to apply to begin their studies.

We are incredibly happy to be welcoming back our students but would like to remind them of the changes in how things will be run to keep our students and staff safe. These include:

-          Temperature checks for students and staff upon arrival.

-          Mandatory masks for both students and teachers

-          Hybridized classes so that students who do not feel comfortable attending class in person can continue to study and learn.

-          Reduced capacities in accordance with British Columbia’s guidelines.

-          Increased sanitization of all high touch surface areas – including door handles, desks, tables, and light switches

-          Alternating times for orientation and graduation as well as material pickup will be scheduled.

-          Hand sanitizer available upon entry to the building

-          Increased signage about proper hand washing protocols.

Students coming from outside of Canada are reminded that they will be required to quarantine for a two-week period and should take that into account when coming to study with us. Quarantined students are welcome to join online classes during this two-week period.

During this time, we have all been struggling to find ways to connect with each other. Those of us at SGIC especially miss the personal connections that we have built over the years between teachers, staff, and students. All of us working at SGIC are so happy that we will soon be able to see all of you in person once again, to learn English and experience Canada together.

How SGIC is supporting students

April 3, 2020

Online Classes

Students are now participating in virtual classrooms. Each student will receive an email to join the class via a link. Teachers are excited to connect and engage with students in real-time while keeping the community safe from the spread of the virus.



SGIC will offer a non-cash credit for unused weeks for students who want to leave early.  


Future students

Students who were planning to come to Canada can postpone their travel up to 12 months.


Please contact your local agent or representative for information about how to postpone or cancel your studies.

Updated message from SGIC regarding COVID-19

March 26, 2020

Dear students, 

St. George International College is dedicated to teaching and providing our students with quality education from committed teaching professionals. SGIC has worked hard to provide our students with excellent service and an exceptional learning environment throughout the years. This is something we pride ourselves on. SGIC is a community, a family, that works together to bring the best out of our students and our school. 

During the course of your study for the March 2nd to March 27th 2020 session, classes had to be moved to an online platform. SGIC is offering online classes at this time due to the global spread of the coronavirus known as COVID-19. In order to ensure that you, our valued students, are still able to continue your English language classes, SGIC moved to online classes on Tuesday, March 17th 2020.

The session starting on March 30th 2020 will be taking place online for the first week of classes. This means students will be learning online from March 30th 2020 for diploma courses and March 31st 2020 for ESL courses until April 17th. As the situation continues to change, SGIC will be posting updates to our class schedule on a weekly basis. SGIC's goal is to provide our students with English language classes online so that everyone has the opportunity to continue to learn. We will get back to in-person classes as soon as it is reasonably safe for our students and teachers to be back in the classroom. 

As everyone needs to be at home and maintaining social distance, why not try some more online English learning. Online learning is a much better way to spend your time than watching Netflix or playing video games or apps on your phone. SGIC is still offering many courses online, including diploma classes, that will help you to improve your English, help you keep in contact with people, and keep your mind busy.

We want you to enjoy your time in Canada, and staying healthy and educated will ensure that you can enjoy yourself now and later.

Stay healthy and stay safe.

Kind regards,

Tony Lyu

St. George International College 

Message from SGIC regarding COVID-19

March 16th, 2020

There has been a lot of changing information in the last 72 hours regarding public health policies and what the federal and provincial governments have been doing to flatten the curve (reduce the spread) of the COVID-19 virus. In order to balance the needs of our students and staff with the public health emergency, SGIC is providing online classes as of March 17th 2020.

On March 16th, 2020 students will come to class in the morning for the first half of the day, until 11:30. During this time, we will be following certain safety protocol, including limiting group sizes and sanitization. At 11:30, students will finish classes for the day, and are asked to leave the school building at the same time. 

Starting on March 17th all classes at SGIC Toronto will be held online until March 30th 2020. All school activities including events, clubs and trips are cancelled or postponed until further notice.

The priority of SGIC is to ensure the safety and well-being of all of our students and staff. Teachers will be available through the online platform during set class hours. Administration is working to ensure a seamless transition and will continue to support both students and agents.

While there is cause for caution, there is no cause for panic. SGIC remains committed to excellence through education, including education about the COVID-19 virus. Canada’s Public Health authority states, “[a]t this time, the public health risk associated with COVID-19 is low for the general population in Canada but this could change rapidly”. As such, SGIC is taking the precaution of online learning and encouraging our students and staff to practice social distancing.

Incoming students, as per Health Canada Guidelines, must self-isolate for 14 days and monitor their health. New students will complete an online placement test instead of an in-person placement test. Students will be permitted to pick up their textbooks once emailed with their level and a pick-up time. Students must come in to SGIC during their pick-up time to receive more information about how to access online classes and to make sure they have all the required materials for their class.

SGIC Vancouver will be running hybrid online classes for those who wish to practice more extensive social distancing, but will not be closing completely. This is due both to the fact that SGIC Vancouver is a smaller campus, and thus poses less risk of transmission, and in accordance with provincial guidelines in British Columbia which state that it is not necessary for schools to close at this time. However, we strongly encourage social distancing and good hand hygiene.

Canada has an excellent health care system, and our public health authorities are working around the clock to make sure everyone is safe and healthy. There is no need to panic as the vast majority of people are healthy and at low risk. Those who do contract COVID-19 tend to have mild symptoms and recover within 14 days.

Eat well, get plenty of sleep, and stay healthy.


Tony Lyu

Online class tutorial

We are providing online classes as of March 16th help to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus and encourage social distances. We will be using Zoom, an online meeting platform to hold our classes. Check out this video!

Latest COVID-19 update

January 30th, 2020

There is a lot of fear and panic surrounding the Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV). The primary concern of St. George International College (SGIC) is the health and safety of our students. There is a lot of media coverage and the amount of information out there can be very confusing. However, it is important to know Canada remains a low risk country. Canada’s Public Health Agency lists the risk of the Novel Coronavirus as low in Canada.


As new information becomes available, SGIC will ensure the safety of students and staff. SGIC has held a general information session for all our students about the virus and what safety measures are available and students have access to. SGIC will provide this information session on a continuous basis for all incoming and current students.


The vast majority of people infected with Novel Coronavirus are in China and the surrounding countries.


As always, hand washing and using hand sanitizer regularly, coughing or sneezing into your elbow, and disposing of tissues after each use will reduce the spread of any bacteria. If you feel sick and develop a fever, cough or have difficulty breathing do not come to school - go to the doctor. However, if you have difficulty breathing go to the nearest emergency department.


SGIC will update this page on a daily basis with any new developments. For more information, please go to any of the following links below.



Government of Canada 


TORONTO: # O212206178197

VANCOUVER: # O19352161652


BSID# 666564

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