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Course Description Toronto


The English for Medicine Program is designed for medical professionals, healthcare workers and University/College students of medicine. Students will develop the language skills required to work in English-speaking medical settings. The program is intended to improve student's communication skills that are needed to work with colleagues, patients, and their families in an effective and safe manner.


We offer sessions on a wide range of topics including specific medical terminology and vocabulary, reading and writing medical reports and letters, as well as the language required to attend medical conferences, seminars, and presentations delivered in English. Students also receive a weekly seminar with a registered nurse. Students are expected to complete 200 hours of in-class training and received a diploma upon completion of the eight weeks program. Successful candidates can go on to an optional four-weeks observation session offered at a healthcare facility to gain hands-on experience. 

Program Features
Entrance Requirements
SGIC Admission Test 78%, or Completed English Intermediate level 6 at SGIC, or TOEIC 625, or TOEFL iBT 55 and up, or IELTS 5.0+ (Oral Test Required)
8 Weeks (200hrs)
Class Size:
Average 12-14 Students (High Season 16 Students)
SGIC Toronto only
Starting Dates:
Please see school calendar



Week 1: - Basics: - Health and Illness; - Anatomy (Body Parts); - Body Functions; - Symptoms and Signs; - Hospitals (Role Play, Mini Quiz); - Registered Nurse Seminar


Week 2: - Blood and Endocrine System; - Bones The Eye; - The Gastrointestinal System; - Gynecology; - Review (Midterm Test and Presentation); - Registered Nurse Seminar


Week 3: - The Heart and Circulation System; - Infections; - The Nervous System and Mental Illness Role Play; - Registered Nurse Seminar; - Presentation


Week 4: - Nutrition; - A Nurses Role; - Final Exam; - Final Presentation



Week 5: - Pregnancy; - The Respiratory System; - The Skin; - The Urinary System; - Role Play, Mini Quiz; - Registered Nurse Seminar


Week 6: Investigations: Ophthalmoscopy / Blood Pressure / Taking Blood / Laboratory Tests; - Endoscopy / X-Rays and CT / MRI and Ultrasound; - Treatment and Prevention; - Review Midterm, Test and Presentation; - Registered Nurse Seminar


Week 7: Explanations: Data Presentation; - Conference, Presentation, Case Presentations; - Alternative Medicine; - Role Pay, Quiz; - Registered Nurse Seminar


Week 8: - Exercise Science; - A Doctors Role; - Final Exam; - Final Presentation; - Graduation

What You Can Expect
Learn medical vocabulary
Practice using English in Medical situations
Improve your patient communication skills
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