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ESL ADVANTAGES (Level 1 - 6) Approved by the register
Diverse Programming: Our programs (Starter to Advanced) is designed differently to focus on the particular English needs of that level and prevent students who take all levels from ever becoming bored! We also can accommodate split skills.
Comprehensive Program: Students learn and practise all skills in English: reading, writing, listening and speaking daily.
Accessibility to Exceptional Teachers: We have professional, experienced teachers who love their jobs and are sociable with the students in and outside the class and are available for consultation.
Friendly Atmosphere: We are a big school with a big heart. Everyone is like a family.
Fun Activities: We have school tournaments and encourage daily activities; once a month, teachers and ESL classes have an all-day excursion to have fun and meet students from other levels.

Level 2

​Placement Test = 30% - 39%

IELTS = 3.5

(Entry Level)


Level 3

​0/40~15/40 from level test A, 0/10~2/10 from Writing Score

IELTS = 4.0

(Entry Level)

Level 4

​16/40~25/40 from level test A, 3/10~4/10 from Writing Score

IELTS = 4.5

(Entry Level)

Level 5

​26/40~30/40 from level test A, 5/10~6/10 from Writing Score

IELTS = 5.0

(Entry Level)

Level 6

​31/40~35/40 from level test A, 6.5/10~7.5/10 from Writing Score

IELTS = 5.5

(Entry Level)

Level 7

​Placement Test = 80% - 89%

IELTS = 6.0

(Entry Level)


Function and Fluency: Students at this level work on building their fluency in English by practicing speaking skills and functions used daily by Native Speakers.
Authentic Material: Students are challenged by going beyond ESL resources to actual English readings and vocabulary as used by Native Speakers in the real world.
University and College Pathway: The courses in the program aid the translation of students into SGIC UCPP, which models itself on Canadian university/college-level content, instruction and expectation.
CFCC (Canadian Friends Conversation Club)
ESL students of all levels are welcome to join our Canadian Friends Conversation Class(V/T), where students can practice their conversation skills and have fun with a Canadian university student. This is a great way for students to meet Canadians, learn about Canadian culture and have fun in either the classroom or on one of the many field trips!
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