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Course Description  Toronto


This course is designed to dramatically improve students’ natural speaking style. Fluency is the goal for students who take this course. This will be accomplished by using quick-response activities to build up students’ speed (fluency) and extensive one-on-one teacher-student feedback to build accuracy. 

SSP Media Highlights

- Daily Dictation

- Studio Work: Student Voice

-Recording, Analysis and Correction

- Learn and practice Speech Patterns related to Pronunciation, Intonation, Enunciation, Pause and Emphasis

- Learn and apply Listening Techniques to understand College Lectures and Native English Speakers

- Allow exceptional teachers to help pave the way for Listening and Speaking successfully 

HI, I’m Olivia. I’m taking SSP class. One of the advantages in this class is that we have mini-talk and presentation in our speaking time. After then, we get individual feedbacks of our pronunciations and grammatical mistakes.


And our teacher, Seti, gives everyone equal opportunities to speak and she gives us confidence. Also we learn how to organize speaking skills. So that’s why I’m taking SSP class third time already. I’ve got lots of improvement through this class. 

- Olivia Lee


Program Features
Entrance Requirements
SGIC Admission Test 78%, or Completed Upper Intermediate English level 6 at SGIC, or TOEIC 625, or TOEFL iBT 55, or IELTS 5.5 + (Oral Test Required)
2 Semesters (Semester takes 100hrs)
Class Size:
Average 12-14 Students (High Season 16 Students)
Starting Dates:
Please see school Calendar


PERIOD 1: The opening period will have students reviewing weekly video journals, as well as sound recordings of themselves mimicking and imitating a native English speaker. The second half of first period will have in one pronunciation, understanding how to improve speech clarity and accuracy. 

PERIOD 2: The second half of the morning section will have students working on building their vocabulary through oral presentations, dictation from popular cinema and modern dramas. This will allow students to become more familiar with popular slang, idioms and influential / useful English expressions

PERIOD 3: Third period will have students filming “a day in the life” videos, weekly news reports and in-class debates that will give students the chance to feel comfortable discussing hard-hitting topics confidently in English. All assignments, video footage and inclass presentations / debate will be reviewed in class as part of final mark assessment. 

PERIOD 4: The final period of the day will focus more closely on media, video recording and will give students the opportunity to get on the street, interviewing and communicating with locals to secure footage to include in the SGIC weekly news and various other video-based assignments. 

What You Can Expect
Gain Confidence
Improve Your Presentation Skills
Improve Yourself in Debates
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