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Entrance Requirements:

SGIC Admission Test 75%+, or Completed English level 6 at SGIC, or TOEIC 625, or TOEFL iBT 55, or Duolingo 80+, or IELTS 5.0 + (Oral Test Required)



1 Term (A term takes 100hrs)

Course outcome

  • Teaching Confidence & Leadership Skills: Students will build confidence in teaching and managing beginner & intermediate classes in all English skills. They will learn how to deal with classroom difficulties.

  • ESL Teaching Skills: Students acquire the skill to think like a teacher and to plan and apply lessons to students of all abilities, and understand the role of the teacher in an ESL classroom.

  • Self-Knowledge: Students will understand how to evaluate and improve their teaching abilities, and further develop their qualifications and experience.

What you can expect


Design real-world lesson plans


Improve your public speaking skills

Learn classroom management techniques



Completion of


Diploma (8 weeks)

Start date

Students can start every Monday.
Please view start dates for details.

English Testing

Students write a practice Cambridge test every second week to measure their progress. This allows teachers and students to see their success and track their improvement.



I took TESOL for 1 month with wonderful and nice teacher and classmates. It was amazing, because I could learn plan for teaching another students! in the class, the atmosphere that allows us to ask any small questions, which made me feel comfortable to make mistake.

- Le Thi Dieu (Vietman)

Course Content

  • Comprehensive Program

  • CLT Model

  • Ongoing Consultation & Feedback

  • Comfortable Class Atmosphere

  • Stimulating Curriculum

  • TKT Preparation

  • High TKT Score

  • Free TKT Exam Coordination

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