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Entrance Requirements:

SGIC Admission Test 63%, or Completed level 5 at SGIC, or TOEIC 601, or TOEFL iBT 34, or Duolingo 65+, or IELTS 4.5 + (Oral Test Required)



1 Term (A term takes 100hrs/4weeks)

Who should take the program?​

  • Educators and Care-Takers' from abroad enjoy learning about education for children in Canadian culture while improving their own English skills.

  • Alternative to ESL: Students who seek a different approach to learning English than that of a typical ESL course may enjoy the challenge of learning some teaching techniques themselves.

  • Creative Students: ESL students interested in arts and culture, may apply and improve their creativity by learning Canadian arts and crafts appropriate for children.

  • TKT Preparation Program: ESL Methodologies for children is an excellent complement for graduates of SGIC TKT Prep., to increase knowledge for teaching children. By contrast, students whose English level falls below the entrance requirement for TKT Prep. course may benefit from this course which is an excellent building block to the higher intermediate level required for TKT.

What you can expect


Integrate activities for young learners into your lessons


Explore teaching methodology

Teach mock lessons



Completion of


Diploma (8 weeks)

Start date

Students can start every Monday.
Please view start dates for details.

English Testing

Students write a practice Cambridge test every second week to measure their progress. This allows teachers and students to see their success and track their improvement.



Hello, I came to SGIC and take Intensive English and TYCP. Before I took TYCP class, I had never learned about children education. Everything I learned from this class was new to me. My teacher Paulette and my classmates were really nice and friendly, so I felt very comfortable during the class.

- Hitomi (Japan)

Observation Practicum Component

SGIC students have the opportunity to observe and assist a daycare centre in Canada for 2 days in the program (Toronto Campus). Students may plan and prepare activities for the children at the daycare placement, assist staff or simply observe the workings of a Canadian school, whatever will be within students’ abilities and comfort level.

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