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Toronto SGIC St. George College

 Learn English in   Canada 

SGIC Canadian English School


Leader of Language Schools in Canada

We are SGIC

Why choose SGIC?

Programs available

College Students in Classroom
General English

Students learn and practise all skills in English: reading, writing, listening and speaking daily.

Speaking for Success St. George College
Speaking for Success  Advance (SSPA)

This course is designed to dramatically improve student's natural speaking style. 

IELTS St. George College

This is designed for students to learn and master the techniques of each part of the exam.

Vancouver city SGIC

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Testimonials of our students

Mostly, I like the vocabulary. We have a lot of new words, business words we can use in the business world. We can learn about cover letters, CVs, cold calling and elevator pitches. It gives us a good prospect of the business culture in North America.

Testimonial 1 St. George International College

Emely Antonella


ESL Program

IELTS class helped me a lot. I always had a question and that teacher always explained to me in the best way. The tips that teacher D gave us were helping me to solve questions faster and more accurate than usual. I had really great time with you.

Testimonial 2 St. George International College



IELTS Preparation

This class is something different from other classes. We make some supplies and fun kits to entertain young children. Also, we go on observation outside of school. We learn tips and how to lesson plans to grab young children’s attention. I love SGIC and TYCP class! 

Testimonial 3 St. George International College



TYCP Program

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Partnerships with Colleges and Universities across Canada

These partnerships enable SGIC students to transfer their credits and apply to the post-secondary institutions of their choice. SGIC also helps students with the application process and provides guidance and support throughout their academic journey.

Accredited by
BC EQA Acreditation St. George International College
Accreditation St. George International College
etc Accreditation St. George International College
AMTE Accreditation St. George International College
PCTIA Accreditation St. George International College
Languages Canada Accreditation St. George International College
AHLEI Accreditation St. George International College
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