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Voted as one of the top cities to live in, Vancouver is a fantastic place to visit and study. SGIC decided to join Vancouver and enjoy the privileges the city has to offer, so we opened a new campus on Robson Street – the busiest area in Vancouver for shopping, sightseeing, dining and nightlife.


The city is never too cold or too hot, providing the perfect weather to study and enjoy activities like sun tanning on the beach, hiking, kayaking, and snowboarding. Vancouver is very leisurely and relaxed, so people are always energetic and friendly to newcomers.

Since the Grand Opening Day, SGIC Vancouver has been growing rapidly, offering various programs and activities that students want and need.


At our campus, we have brand new classrooms, a party room, a computer station, and a cafeteria with kitchenettes and a coffee machine. On the school boards, newsletters, volunteering opportunities, and activity calendars are updated regularly for students.

SGIC Vancouver has fewer students per class which increases the likelihood that everyone will get the opportunity to communicate with teachers and learn English effectively. Students will have more time to practice their speaking and be able to ask teachers questions during class.


There are after school activities every day, so students can explore Vancouver’s greatest places and learn about Canadian culture. Sky train stations and bus stops are located within a 5 minute walking distance from SGIC, so it is easy to get to school or shop at Pacific Centre or on Robson Street which are only a 2 minute walk away.

Come and join us in Vancouver! You will have tremendous opportunities to see and discover different cultures, enjoy the food and learn English by communicating 24/7.


You can study and get your diplomas with government-recognized certificates at SGIC, and start your new life full of adventures and excitement!

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